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Worst-Case Scenario: Pakistan Falls to the Taliban

Israel & India could be first in the line of fire if the resurgent terrorist group gains control of Islamabad’s nuclear arsenal, but the United States would not be immune from attacks that could potentially evolve into a global nuclear holocaust.

Is Al Qaeda Seeking Weapons of Mass Destruction

Some pundits and some politicians seem to think the war on terror is over, or almost over. But new evidence suggests that it is not, and will not be, over until the terrorists say it’s over – and that day may still be a long way off.

Mumbai: Implications for the West

Mumbai was totally unprepared for the terrorist attacks of 26 November – and paid dearly for its lack of vigilance. Will the great nations of the West learn from India’s mistakes, or simply repeat them?

Litigation Trends Regarding Security

One of the most effective weapons against terrorists, surprisingly, is Money! Not the reasonable sums used to pay for new surveillance systems but damages charged against businesses that fail to provide proper security for customers, tenants, & employees.

Multipurpose Buildings: A Towering Challenge for Security Planners

From parking lots to elevators & escalators to penthouse apartments – every room and every floor in the office and residential buildings now being designed represents a different type of danger. Here is a handy list of some of the more avoidable ones.

Parking Security: A Lot to Think About

An underground garage open to the general public and poorly lighted is an open invitation to a robber, a rapist, or a murderer. Also to a terrorist whose life’s ambition is to kill as many Americans as possible, even at the cost of his own life.

Stadium and Venue Security

Crowd control is today both a challenge and a necessity, as demonstrated by the Beijing Olympics and this summer’s political conventions. The controls used, though, are often resented, and frequently expensive – but not as costly as a terrorist attack. A terrorist walks into a football stadium on a beautiful

Battlefield Forensics: Rebirth of an Ancient Science

Historians see yesterday’s battlefields as primary sources for their next scholarly tomes. The modern military sees today’s battlefield as an unsifted mountain of intelligence information and, possibly, as evidence in future courtroom proceedings.

Spores: The Threat of a Catastrophic Attack on America

The first anthrax terrorist attack on the United States was relatively minor. Now a second attack, exponentially more lethal, is almost certain. When, not if, it happens, the decision makers in Congress & the White House will have only themselves to blame

In-Car Police Video Systems Under Assault

Although well-intentioned, proposed IACP regulations governing the type of imaging systems installed in police cars could lead to judicial chaos and prevent the trial and conviction of an untold number of criminals “caught in the act.”


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