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Privatizing War? PMCs: The Invisible Force Multiplier

Following the constitutional precedent established by the issuance of Letters of Marque and Reprisal, PMCs contributions may become critical to success on the Global War on Terrorism. Will the question of legality withstand the test?

Moussaoui: A Murderer Who Deserves to Die!

He is a buffoon, a clown, a danger to his own people. Most important of all, though, Zacarias Moussaoui is a mass murderer who knows right from wrong and should be sentenced to death.

It Is Time for a National I.D. Card

“Immigration Reform” is one of the most important, and most controversial, issues now facing the American people. But no reform bill being considered would work without a requirement for verifiable identification included.

Congresswoman Endangers Capitol Security

When an arrogant and abrasive woman, without presenting proper identification, tries to force her way through a security entrance of a congressional office building, should she be stopped? Or taken at her word that she is a member of Congress?

How to Build a Protective Wall Along the U.S.-Mexican Border

Returning illegal immigrants to their own countries will not solve the problem. What is really needed is a strong and constantly monitored high-tech physical barrier that will prevent illegal migrants from entering the United States in the first place.

License to Kill: The Right Policy for Dealing With Suicide Bombers?

On July 22, a 27-year-old electrician, Jean Charles de Menezes, was unceremoniously shot to death by police as he boarded a subway train in south London. His death came one day after Muslim extremists attempted unsuccessfully to repeat the bloody July 7 attacks–on three subway trains and a bus–that killed

Words and Bullets: Al Qaeda’s Textbook for Terror

An alarming discovery in Manchester, England, gives Western intelligence and counterterrorism agencies a Muslim insider’s view of what it takes to fight a Holy War against the United States and its allies.

Commentary: This Is a Real War!

Needed: an immediate intensification of the war against terrorists before they can launch new attacks in and against the United States. And no more hand-wringing is required.

Facilities Management in the Age of Terrorism

Large public gatherings – specifically including baseball and football games and other entertainment events – are both an invitation to terrorists and a major challenge to security officials. The first rule is to build security into the sports/entertainment

The Detection and Prevention of Suicide Bombings

The suicide bomber – low-cost, easy to train, and totally expendable – has become Al Qaeda’s weapon of choice in its Global War on Capitalism. He (or sometimes she) is impossible to stop, and usually not easy to detect. There are, though, some telltale signs.


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Article Out Loud – Needed: More Imagination for Countering Domestic Risks

Full article by Jeanne Benincasa Thorpe, an Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness Journal, February 7, 2023.From “Lord of the Flies” to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, significant consequences have been blamed on failures of imagination. In this featured article, a national security and resiliency expert encourages leaders to

Article Out Loud – Unleashing Community Resilience Through Collaborative Leadership

Full Article By Michael R. Valiente, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, January 31, 2024. Elected officials and emergency response personnel form the nucleus of community leadership, a driving force for collaborative relationships with local stakeholders. Find out how community leaders who adopt the tenets of transformational leaders can

Article Out Loud – Commercial Facilities Sector Perspectives

Full Article By Kole (KC) Campbell, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, January 31, 2024. Commercial facilities dominate the U.S. economy, contributing trillions of dollars to the U.S. gross domestic product while employing and supporting millions of jobs. Learn more about this critical infrastructure sector and its interdependencies. Listen

Article Out Loud – Rising Above the Flood: A Decision Tool for Structural Safety

Full Article By Cedric Ling, Debashish Kar, Nur Yazdani, Eyosias Beneberu, Maria Koliou, and Yong Yoo, an Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, January 24, 2024.When homeowners choose to elevate their homes above flood levels, they may compromise the structural integrity of the building if the elevation method does not

Article Out Loud – Beyond Patient Care: Family Reunification Planning for Hospitals

Full Article By Michael Prasad, An Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, January 17, 2024.To meet a community’s mass care family reunification needs after a disaster, hospitals and other healthcare facilities must have plans and procedures in place for mass casualty incident response, which goes beyond patient care. Here are

Article Out Loud – Multimodal Transportation Perspectives

Full Article By Nathan DiPillo and Derek Kantar, An Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, January 17, 2024.Without transportation and communications, emergency response can move at an uncomfortably slow pace, enough so that life, property, and the environment may be unnecessarily compromised. The integrated transportation network must be protected from

Article Out Loud – Resilience Versus Emergency Management

By Wayne P. Bergeron, An Article Out Loud from Domestic Preparedness, January 10, 2024.Conferences are full of important and interesting sessions, but attendees do not always take away actionable knowledge or have long-term retention of the information. This article summarizes a crowd-sourced conversation with panelists, attendees, resilience experts, and Chat


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