One of the greatest dangers facing the United States is a terrorist attack using biological-warfare weapons – anthrax seems to be the most likely possibility. An anti-anthrax program that does not work could waste hundreds of millions of dollars. A program that “works” but is not completed in time to protect the American people could cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Reliable and quick detection is a very controversial topic with numerous pros and cons to be considered. To facilitate the debate, DPJ is pleased to present two well-researched and thought-out articles in a “point/counterpoint” way.   The first:  Question? Is Anthrax Present: Too Long to Wait for an Answer, written by Kate Rosenblatt  The second: APHL Position Statement: Field Testing Kits, Devices Must Be Validated, by Chris N. Mangal  This approach, we hope, will help our readers to make their own decisions – an especially important consideration at a time when quick as well as correct decisions absolutely must be made.  Your opinions are important to us, and are hereby solicited. Marty Masiuk

Martin D. Masiuk

Martin (Marty) Masiuk is president and founder of International Media Representatives Inc. (IMR Group Inc.), which was established in 1986 as an American-based media representation firm for overseas, aerospace, and defense publications. In 1998, under the IMR Group, he established, which has evolved into a highly trusted, and important information service for the multi-disclipline, multi-jurisdiction preparedness community. In 2014, he transitioned the DomPrep40 into the Preparedness Leadership Council to lessen the burden on and increase the effectiveness of operational preparedness professionals and help policy professionals make better-informed decisions. Prior to IMR Group, he served as an account representative for McGraw Hill’s Business Week and Aviation Week & Space Technology publications.

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