New and Emerging Al Qaeda Threats

The term “global war on terrorism” is now politically incorrect, in at least some circles. There is mounting evidence, though, that some terrorists do not agree and are already planning new attacks against domestic targets on the U.S. homeland.

Ham Radio - An Emergency Tool for Public Health

Many citizens served their communities heroically in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and some of their stories are well known – but most of them remain untold.  One of the

Field-Based Patient Tracking: Real-Time Data Sharing Comes of Age

The old saying that the job “”isn’t done until the paperwork has been completed”” is particularly true if the “paperwork” data – vital signs, indications of internal bleeding, etc., collected at the scene of a car accident or other incident – is somehow lost before, during or after the patient’s arrival at the hospital.

Maryland - H1N1 Emergency Declaration

The Maryland Office of the Governor has passed a Declaration of Emergency: Influenza Response and Mitigation, to ensure: proper storage, distribution, and administration of SNS materials; school closures when necessary;

Homeland Security Report

The November edition of the Homeland Security Report is now available for download. This complimentary issue provides readers with information related to a variety of topics such as officer-safety items,
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