Emergency Services Credentialing: FEMA Leads the Way

NCR, ANSI, and Commonwealth of Virginia also in the vanguard as states, cities, and even private-sector agencies and organizations pool resources to standardize and upgrade security checks at major events that attract large crowds – including terrorists and other criminals seeking to gain national and global recognition.

A New and Challenging Era for Rural Homeland Security

For more than two centuries the great state of Maine was known and cherished for its rustic simplicity – which, of course, made it a particularly attractive take-off point for two of the Islamic fundamentalists involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Discovery Channel TV Series: The Colony - Week Three

After securing the basic necessities for survival, episode three found the volunteers focusing on the one creature comfort they can’t live without: a hot shower. But focusing on comfort left them open to a massive attack that threatened their long-term survival. The take away lesson is how to cope with stress. Comments and feedback by the reader welcome.

Protecting the Super Bowl - A Perfect Defense Is Mandatory

The cost, and the challenge, of providing security at the Super Bowl and other major sports events has escalated exponentially in the almost eight years since the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks against the United States. And there are absolutely no fumbles allowed.

Discovery Channel TV Series: The Colony - Week Two

The ten volunteers continue their efforts to create a new civilization despite attempts by the Marauders seeking to steal the basic essentials found in the abandoned warehouse. The greatest challenges facing the volunteers, though, are their own fears and uncertainties.

Wisconsin Air Guard Hosts Full-Scale Joint Exercise

The Army and Air National Guard’s annual international Operation Global Patriot exercise, hosting roughly 3,000 National Guard Troops from forty-five different states and six different coalition nations. The exercise’s overall training goal is for different coalition nations and National Guard units to work together in real-world scenarios.
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