Defense Primer: Cyberspace Operations

The Department of Defense defines cyberspace as a global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures and resident data

Cybersecurity: A Primer

This In Focus provides an overview of cybersecurity for policymaking purposes, describes issues that cybersecurity affects, and discusses potential actions Congress could take.

Maintaining a Strong Volunteer Force

Volunteers are a lifeline for many nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies during emergencies and disasters. However, recruiting and retaining good volunteers can be difficult. This article shares some simple strategies and tools for any emergency preparedness professional seeking to build and maintain a strong volunteer force.

Value of Enterprise Data Management in Emergency Management

An enterprise data management program emphasizes the importance of managing information as an asset and protecting it from misuse or loss. Knowing the landscape of data and how to manage it is critical to an organization’s recovery and sustainability after a disaster. This article explains the need to coordinate data management with emergency planning.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas Announces Inaugural Members of Tribal Homeland Security Advisory Council

As part of the White House Tribal Nations Summit, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas announced the appointment of 15 members to the first-ever Tribal Homeland Security Advisory Council. Including one of our own advisors, Lynda Zambrano, Founder, and Executive Director, National Tribal Emergency Management Council and the Northwest Tribal Emergency Management Council.
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