The Evolution of Devolution

Who, when, how, and under what circumstances – those are only a few of the questions that are asked, and must be answered, in political, legal, and sometimes even combat situations calling for a transfer of decision-making command authority.

Damage and Debris - The Difficult Decisions Involved

When an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane causes horrendous property damage, the “cleanup crew” (a veritable army of debris-removal workers) faces a number of major challenges, not the least of which is documenting the amount of work done.

Maintaining EMS Equipment in Times of Crisis

EMS technicians and other first responders can and do work miracles each & every day. But not if they do not have the right rolling stock or medical systems or other equipment, or enough of it, or if the equipment they do have is not properly maintained.

Rocks, Shoals, Obstructions, and the SAFE Port Act

The SAFE Port Act – officially called the Security and Accountability For Every Port Act, which was enacted by the U.S. Congress in 2006 – addresses a broad spectrum of
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