SURVEY: Special Event Plans - When Things Go Wrong

On 29 May 2013, DomPrep hosted a Roundtable on “Special Event Plans – When Things Go Wrong.” That roundtable revisited the “Planned Special Events” discussion that had begun at Washington Nationals Park in July 2012, but drilled deeper into additional concerns in light of the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. DomPrep40 Advisor Glen Rudner led a highly participatory discussion in Washington, D.C., at The Verizon Center – home to basketball games, circuses, concerts, and other special events.

Rudner began the meeting by emphasizing that planning for and responding to such events require collaboration and partnerships within and between the public and private sectors. Topics of discussion included the movement of people, communications, risk analysis, special needs, improvised explosive devices, and more.

DomPrep would now like to know your opinions and experiences in response to key questions that were developed as a result of those discussions. Special events occur in large and small communities – and so do disasters. Your response will help other emergency planners, responders, and receivers better plan for and execute future events as well as the incidents within those events.

Your feedback will help DomPrep publish a report on Special Event Plans – When Things Go Wrong.

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