Surging Forward, Special Needs & Other Challenges

Featured in this issue: Mass Evacuations of Medical and Functional Needs Population, By Bruce Clements; Hospitals & Fire Departments: Three-Alarm Fires, MSH & Best-Practice Results, By Theodore Tully; The Expanding Role of Sanitarians in Public Health Emergencies, By Rahul Gupta; Medical Surge Management: Public-Private Healthcare Coalitions, By Chad Priest & Bobby Courtney; Staffing, Stockpiling & Surging Forward, By Joseph Cahill; Critical Issues Faced by MRC in a Special Needs Shelter, By Donald Brannen, Amy Schmitt & Mark McDonnell; The Handling of Mass Fatalities During Medical Surges, By Anthony S. Mangeri; Whole-Body Imaging: A Safe Alternative to the “Pat Down”, By Aaron Sean Poynton; Public Health Monitoring Systems: Two “Good Stories”, By JL Smither; and Delaware, Missouri, Tennessee & Washington, By Adam McLaughlin
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